The old tradition of sitting among other students in the impersonal setting of a classroom, coupled by the leer of a professor as students rush to copy down text-heavy slides is quickly becoming an obsolete form of learning. To the older generations, this may be a little frightening, but this form of learning has occurred for centuries in some way or another. The only difference being that instead of tablets and books, students now have access to far more resources through the recent medium which is modern technology; here is how the ease of eLearning helps to increase student engagement and improve learner retention.

Technology has now progressed to the point where students and professionals alike can store and manage almost all of their information online. Trends in setting up online portfolios, business sites, and Facebook pages have become the go-to learning spaces for students, and these trends have certainly been noticed by those in the education industry.

Universities, colleges, and other educational institutions have sensed these changes and are now making online learning more accessible to all students. Whether it is to watch a recording of a class students were unable to attend, collaborate with students within an online forum, take an online exam, or simply search the details of an upcoming assignment, every student can reap innumerable benefits from online learning.

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