Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is a set of practices related to people resource management.

Our practices are focused on the organisational need to provide specific competencies and

Are implemented in three categories: workforce acquisition; workforce management and

Workforce optimisation.

SET has a range of services uniquely broad to enable Human Capital Management.

At a Strategic level, SET delivers Human Capital Management services through:

  • Workforce planning
  • Competency Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Planning and Strategy
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Learning (Education and Training)
  • Recruitment (Hiring and Placement)
  • On-boarding, Exit
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Organisation Visualisation

We are renowned for our professionalism, attention to detail and exemplary levels of service

To Clients and Candidates alike.

In the current competitive market, SET understands that strategic alliances are crucial for a

Company’s survival and growth. SET believes that companies who have defined the strategic

Alliances they need to form, who have defined their human capital issues and who have

Developed effective measures to monitor their performance and that of their employees, will

Be the ones to grow.